Blink Home Loans is #1 in Pricing &  Customer Service

Blink Home Loans has funded numerous loans and solidified itself as a low price leader in the lending Industry. Others have tried to duplicate our process, when it comes down to it they just can’t compete with our dedication to provide the lowest rates coupled with our professionals to deliver outstanding customer service to our customers.


How Are We Less Expensive Than Everyone Else?

Our sheer volume allows us to just make less per loan than the next guy. We’re not looking to make a lot off a few loans, we’re looking to make a little bit off of a lot of loans. Since we can broker loans we have access to many different bank rate sheets. We use advanced computer programs to look through these rate sheets on a daily basis. This ensures we’re offering you the best competitive loan pricing available.

The Blink Home Loan Promise To You 

We promise to deliver the lowest possible rates in the industry.
We promise to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible.
We promise to be upfront and disclose all the terms associated with your loan.
We promise to lock-in your interest rate at the best rate possible  faster then anyone else.